How to Charge a Car Battery

Click. Click. It’s a sound no car owner wants to hear. The key’s in the ignition, you’re ready to ride, but the engine won’t turn over. 

A dead battery is, at best, inconvenient — and it can even be dangerous if it leaves you stranded.

6 Common Semi-Truck Battery Problems and What to Do About Them

You rely on your semi-truck to do your job safely and comfortably. The battery that powers your rig needs to be able to withstand the daily rigors and long hauls, extreme weather, unpredictable road conditions and the power demands of in-cabin electronics.


Conventional FLA vs. AGM: Recommending the Best Automotive Battery for Your Customers

Most of your customers probably haven’t thought about their car battery — so when it’s time for a replacement, they may be surprised to learn there are options beyond the OEM model supplied by the manufacturer. In this post, we’ll compare two popular battery types: conventional flooded lead-acid (FLA) and absorbed glass mat (AGM).

Maximizing Uptime: 5 Tips to Keep Your Lawn and Garden Batteries in Top Shape

You take great care in creating beautiful lawns for your customers. Make sure your equipment is up to the task by caring for the heart of your lawn care equipment — the battery.

How Long Do RV Batteries Last? (Plus 5 Signs Yours Needs Replacing)

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or live on the road full time, the right RV battery can make the difference between a smooth and comfortable experience and a frustrating journey. A well-chosen and well-maintained RV battery can significantly enhance your travel experience.

Golf Cart Batteries: 3 Signs It’s Time for a Replacement (and How to Do it Yourself)

Warm weather means golf carts are on the move once again. Whether you’re hitting the links or tooling around the neighborhood, there’s something freeing about gliding through the fresh spring air after a long winter indoors. But what happens when that first turn of the key is met with silence, or your smooth ride suddenly feels sluggish?

The Role of Batteries in Commercial Truck Safety

Commercial truck drivers spend a lot of time on the road, and that means they need heavy-duty batteries with the right specs to get from point A to point B to point C, and so on. But it’s more than just making it to the next delivery stop with all of the cargo intact — drivers need to be able to rely on their trucks to keep them safe.

How to Jump-Start a Car

A dead car battery can make even the best of days take a turn for the worse, but equipping yourself with the knowledge of how to jump-start a car can safely get you back on the road in no time. Luckily, jump-starting a car is easier than it may seem. You just need some jumper cables and a family member, neighbor or friendly stranger with a car to get started.

What Are EFB Batteries? (And When to Use Them)

Conventional flood lead-acid batteries (FLA) have been the standard in the automotive industry for years. They remain a convenient and affordable choice to start the car and power most standard electronics on board. But more power needs may need a more powerful battery. Enter the enhanced flooded battery or EFB. 

How to Replace an Automotive Battery

You’ve had to jumpstart your vehicle nearly every day this week just to get to work on time, and although you suspect it’s time for a new battery, the local auto shop is booked for weeks. As such, you’re determined to learn how to replace an automotive battery to get back on the road.

Can Lithium Batteries Be Recycled?

Before diving into whether Lithium batteries can be recycled (and how to go about it), it’s worth stating that lithium batteries definitely should be recycled.

How to Maintain Your Automotive Battery

With a little time spent on battery maintenance, your dream trip won’t become a nightmare. Here’s how to maintain an automotive battery and tell when it’s time for a replacement.

8 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Commercial Vehicle Battery

When you’re in charge of a whole fleet of vehicles, choosing a commercial vehicle battery requires different considerations than selecting a battery for your personal vehicle. Your fleet needs commercial batteries that won’t break the company budget for parts and maintenance.

Keep Your Fleet Running Smoothly with a High-Quality Battery Charger

If some of the cars on your lot aren’t getting quite as much attention or ride time as others, you may find yourself spending a lot more on replacement batteries. But it doesn’t have to be that way. A high-quality battery charger could be the answer to your weak or dead battery problems.

The Impact of a Weak or Dead Battery on Your Car’s Fuel Efficiency

It’s not hard to tell when your car battery is on its way out. The car may not start up as quickly as it once did, or you may notice the headlights and interior lights seem dimmer than usual. Many car batteries only last a few years, which means you could be dealing with a weak battery if you haven’t replaced it in some time.

How Long Do Tractor Batteries Last?

Tractors are hard-working pieces of equipment that experience a lot of bumps, shocks and extreme weather changes as they chug along in the field. With all these impacts, tractor batteries need to be pretty durable. Still, you may be wondering how long tractor batteries last.

How Long Do Car Batteries Last?

If you’re hoping to avoid a dead battery, you may be wondering, how long do car batteries last, anyway?

How to Tell if Your Boat Battery Is Dying — and What to Do About It

When it comes to hitting the open waters, all boat riders want to think about is feeling the breeze through their hair. No one wants to worry about whether their boat will get them safely out and back.

Motorcycle Batteries: Lifespan & Options

There’s nothing quite like hitting the open road on a motorcycle — but before renting or selling bikes to eager customers, you’ll need to consider how you will power up these vehicles. 

How to Keep Marine Batteries from Corroding

Summer’s fast approaching, and now’s the time to get your fleet of marine craft ready for a new season on the water.

Your Ultimate Guide To RV Batteries

Whether you have a fleet of RVs ready to head out on the road or you supply batteries to power all those months of recreational fun, you know how important it is to have reliable and long-lasting power for your customers’ home on wheels.

How to Keep Your Golf Cart Battery in Top Shape

The weather is warming, and for a certain group of outdoor enthusiasts, that means just one thing: It’s golf cart season! By some estimates, Americans buy more than 100,000 golf carts each year.

A Guide to Low-Speed Electric Vehicles and Batteries

You’ve likely seen them zipping around: a small but mighty vehicle traversing airport corridors and tarmacs, luggage cart in tow. Or you may have spotted electric golf carts navigating large resorts or a tiny EV delivering food on the quiet side streets of your neighborhood.

How to Properly Store Batteries

As the seasons change, it may be time to take inventory of your warehouse battery supply. Keeping the shelves stocked with batteries is important, but knowing how to store them properly is also critical.

What’s the Difference Between a Deep Cycle Battery and a Regular Battery?

Before you start shopping for vehicle batteries, it’s important to know the differences between traditional batteries and deep cycle batteries, how they work and when to use them.

What Is the Lifespan of a Golf Cart Battery? (And 5 Signs Yours Needs to Be Replaced)

There are many signs to look for when the golf cart battery is on its way out, and it’s helpful to know the signs that it’s time to replace it. 

AAPEX Workshop Recap: AGM vs. EFB, What’s the Difference?

At Continental Battery Systems’ booth at the 2022 Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX), partner Stryten Energy presented its EFB and explored the benefits and growth predictions for the EFB market.

AAPEX Workshop Recap: Discover™ MIXTECH

Acid stratification is a major problem for vehicle batteries. This phenomenon involves a buildup of heavy acids in a battery, which can create problems like charge imbalance and reduced performance. Many premature battery failures can be linked to acid stratification.

Everything You Need to Know About Different Types of Car Batteries

In this article, we’ll break down some of the most common battery types, their uses, and some pros and cons to help you find the right battery for any application.

AAPEX Workshop Recap: AGM

Whether for work or for play, consumers are increasingly looking for more fuel-efficient vehicles with fewer carbon emissions. They also want vehicles decked out with safety features and improved functionality.

Industry Insights: Q&A with Supply Chain SVP David Meeks

David Meeks is Continental Battery Systems’ senior vice president of supply chain. He joined the company in November 2022 and brought more than 30 years of supply chain experience across wholesale, electrical and industrial distribution industries.

Battery 101: Your Guide to Lead-Acid Batteries

From morning commutes to tooling around the golf course on a sunny Saturday afternoon, batteries get your customers where they need to go. The most popular types of batteries for powering vehicles are lead-acid batteries.

The Restoration of the 1932 Ford Delivery

Continental Battery Systems is unveiling a fully restored and branded 1932 Ford sedan delivery at the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX) in honor of the company’s 90th anniversary.

Our History: A Timeline of Continental Battery Systems’ 90 Years

Continental Battery Systems has grown to be one of the largest battery distributors in the world. But it didn’t start that way. Nine decades ...

How to Clean Battery Corrosion (and What Causes It)

Don’t be shocked if you lift the hood of your car and catch sight of some corrosion around your battery terminals. Battery corrosion is a nor...

The Impact of Parasitic Draw on Your Car Battery’s Lifespan

There you are, key in the ignition, ready to go about your day when instead of the sound of a motor jumping to life you’re met with the click...

How It Works: The Step by Step of Lead-Acid Battery Recycling

Battery recycling does more good than just saving the planet, but that is a great perk. Learn about purchasing a recycled battery and what the recycling entails.

Palmetto Battery Specialist and Battery Tree join Continental Battery Systems

We are excited to welcome Battery Specialist and Battery Tree locations and personnel to the growing Continental Battery Systems network and family.

Continental Battery Systems Rolls Out New Logo

Continental Battery Systems is rolling out its new logo and branding.

Golf Cart Batteries: Fact and Fiction

Whether you prefer a traditional golf cart or an electric golf cart, there’s a lot to know about both and the batteries they need to run efficiently.

How to Maximize the Life of Your Golf Cart Battery

By keeping your golf cart battery in tip-top shape, you’ll save money and have more time to enjoy the game.

Cold Weather Car Battery Maintenance Tips

Cold temperatures can significantly shorten the life of your car battery. Read on to learn how to maintain your car battery in winter temperatures.

How Does Cold Weather Affect Lithium-Ion Batteries?

Lithium-ion batteries are the result of more than 40 years of research, resulting in a battery we rely on for powerful performance and greater reliability.

8 Wintertime Car and Truck Battery Maintenance Tips

Read on to learn more about eight tips that you can use to help keep your battery in good running condition during the cold winter months.

Battery Testing Optimizes Savings on Government and City Fleet Vehicles

For government and city fleets battery testing is critical and doing so on a consistent basis saves dollars and downtime.

Freezing Temperatures are Worse on Your Battery Than Hot Summer Temps

Read on to learn the reasons why freezing temperatures take their toll on your car battery and what you can do to avoid it.

Before You Take to the Road for Holiday Travel - Check Your Battery

The holidays inspire us to get together with friends and family, but remember to be proactive before you travel and check your battery before you go. 

Power and Energy USA joins Continental Battery Company

A sincere welcome to Juan and the entire team to the Continental family! We can't wait to succeed with Juan on our leadership team and look forward to the growth of our customers and suppliers.

It's Time To Get the Boat Ready and Take the Boss Fishing

Bass fishermen know October is the time to hit the water. All those prize-winning bass are waiting, so priority one is to make sure the boat battery is in top shape.

With National Golf Day Happening this Month, Golfers Focus on Their Game and Their Golf Cart Batteries.

Golfers take great pride in their game. They also take great care in knowing that their golf cart battery won’t fizzle out halfway through the game.

Imagine a Battery-Powered Agricultural Future…

Battery-powered tractors running on lithium-ion batteries and electric tractors are no longer just a concept in a futuristic tomorrow, but rather ideas whose time has come.

Stryten Energy and Continental Battery Company Partner to Meet the Growing Energy Storage Needs of the U.S. Automotive Aftermarket

Stryten Energy LLC, an energy storage solutions provider, today announced it has entered into an agreement with Continental Battery Company to supply batteries for its automotive aftermarket business

Solar Batteries and Living Off the Grid

The ever-growing trend is how to live greener using solar technology and saving energy and money by living off the grid.

Boat Equipment Must-Dos and Boat Safety Must-Haves

The one piece of boating equipment that will keep your boat operational is a high performance battery from Continental Battery Co. Why take chances with anything less?

School Buses are the Most Regulated Vehicles on the Road

Will school buses ever change from the friendly yellow generations have grown up with? Probably not in color, but other changes may be percolating.

How to Avoid Problems with Your Watersport Vehicle

Overall, watersport vehicles are not difficult to maintain and operate; however, taking a proactive, responsible stance will help you to avoid minor problems that could turn into big ones.

How to Choose the Right Battery Charger for Your Marine Battery

Learn more about how to choose the correct battery charger for your marine battery.

RV Safety Know-How and Battery Maintenance

Getting the RV ready for the road is a big job, but once you take care of the important  prepping, you and your family can have days of uninterrupted fun.

Continental Battery Co Raises the Bar to Leading the Charge

Continental Battery Co is proud to officially announce their new product assortment and brand campaign, “Leading the Charge”. 

Three Different Battery Types and How They’re Used

Batteries power the world, but do you know the difference in battery types and what they’re used for?

Eric Royce Shares Insights of a Third Generation Battery Business

When Eric Royce, CEO and President of Continental Battery Co recently sat down with Bryan Weatherford, host of All In, he tells about a modern, t...

Know the Difference in Your Car Battery and Your Boat Battery

There are important things you should know about car and boat batteries before you make a buying decision. They are different for several reasons.

5 Steps to Get Your Boat Ready for Spring and Summer Fun

Before you plan your first fishing or boating trip of the season, be sure to ready your craft with these 5 easy steps.

5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Fleet of Golf Cart Batteries

There are several important signs that indicate your golf cart battery is nearing the end of its lifespan. Read on to learn more and what you can do to save money in the long run.

Continental Batteries Partners with The NOCO Company

Continental Batteries is Expanding Its Products Line in a Partnership with The NOCO Company

Employee Appreciation Day

Especially today we take an extra moment to say thank you to our employees and share our appreciation for all you do for the Continental Battery team.

Continental Battery Co Celebrates National Battery Day

We take great pride that our respected legacy, history, and continuous innovation is so generously showcased in this Continental Battery Co video clip.

How to Prepare Your Snowmobile for Winter

Have fun and stay safe with these snowmobile maintenance tips.

Your Vehicle Wants to Celebrate National Battery Day!

Is your car or truck crying out for a new battery? Show your vehicle the respect it deserves.

Continental Battery Co Puts a Flag in Canadian Ground

Continental Battery Co is proud to welcome Great Northern Battery (GNB) to its growing team.

How Does an 80-Year-Old Battery Company Attract Great Employees?

When a near century-old company continues to succeed, there’s good reason to take a close-up look at why it happens.

How to Prepare Your R.V. for a Winter Trip

Taking your R.V. out on the open road during winter can present a few problems. Here’s how to prepare your rig for a winter trip.

The Science Behind Electric Batteries in Your Solar RE

Read here to learn more about the science that powers the solar batteries we distribute and the many industries that can benefit.

Is Your Car Ready for Holiday Travel?

Safe travel is a major issue for us at Continental Battery Co., whether you work for us or we work for you. Let us help keep your vehicle battery working round the clock so you don’t have to worry about it.

Why Sustainability Matters in the Battery Business

Sustainability is much more than a trend. It’s a necessity if we are to be better stewards of our planet and environment

Batteries for Big Rigs

There are many different kinds of batteries that are optimal for your big rig or fleet of 18-wheeler trucks. Read on to learn more about why battery choice is so important for your big rig or fleet of trucks.

What You Need to Know Before Buying Your Next Vehicle Battery

Be an in-the-know consumer when it comes to buying a battery for your vehicle. When you understand the language, you can make smarter decisions.

Time for a New Battery. Now What?

Yes, there are lots of batteries out there to choose from, but there’s one that’s just right for your vehicle when you buy it from a Continental Battery distributor.

How Does Car Start/Stop Technology Work?

Learn more about how stop/start technology works & why a standard car battery powering the technology inside your car can get depleted in a very short period of time.

General Power in Tucson, Arizona Joins Continental Battery

General Power joins the Continental Battery family, making it the first location in Arizona for the Continental brand.

Car Battery Evolution – From Old-Tech to MIXTECH

The car battery is a marvel of modern technology. It has evolved over the decades into the high-tech car batteries of today.

Enjoy Even Better Boating in the Cooler Autumn Days Ahead

Although the seasons change your boating fun doesn’t have to end. There are lots of advantages to water fun in the moderate fall season.

Why Golf Courses Should Switch to Lithium-Ion Batteries

Here are 5 great reasons as to why your golf course should switch your golf cart batteries over to lithium-ion ones.

Your ATV Wants to Take You for an Off-Road Adventure!

Discover the excitement of outdoor adventure on your ATV this season, with no worries for battery issues. That is as long as you choose the right one.

What is a Lithium Battery and Why Use One?

Have you ever wondered exactly what a lithium battery is and the benefits of using one? Here are several advantages and disadvantages to this revolutionary technology.

What Kind of Battery Does Your RV Need?

Before you head out on the open road in your RV, take a few to familiarize yourself with the different types of batteries that power both your vehicle and your lifestyle.

Bring on the Summer Water Fun. But First, Is Your Boat Ready for the Ride?

Spending time on the water is what owning a water vehicle is all about. No matter what you enjoy most, make sure your battery, charger, and other equipment are the best.

Battery Joe Joins the Continental Battery Family

“We welcome the Joe team to the Continental family and look forward to learning from them on retail and branding expertise, along with sharing Continental with many other adjacent product lines."

Pasco Battery Warehouse Joins Continental Battery

We are excited to announce that Pasco Battery Warehouse has joined the Continental Battery Family!

Car Battery FAQ

We want to take this opportunity to answer some common questions that people have about the batteries that power their vehicles.

How To Know Which Type of Vehicle Battery You Need

Do you know which type of battery is your best option for your vehicle? Are you prepared to make the best selection if you need to replace it?

H&E Equipment Services and Continental Battery Team Up

Continental Battery and H&E Equipment Services recently agreed to a partnership that kicks off July 1, 2020.

ONE TEAM - A Word From Our CEO

As a company, I want to remind everyone that our position, during these times especially, is that we are ONE TEAM.

How Does a Car Battery Work?

This guide will help you gain a better understanding of the technology that powers your car battery.

A Word From Our CEO

Encouraging Message From Our CEO

Working From Home

Working from home has been... interesting. I have learned many things about my dog, my wife, my teammates, and myself.

How to Tell if Your Car Battery is Dying

With a little maintenance, your car or truck battery will do its job and do it well. On the other hand, expecting too much from your battery can mean trouble.

Battery Maintenance Tips for Your Car or Truck Battery

A well-maintained vehicle battery is your assurance you’ll get from point A to point B and back again, many times over. Here are a few battery maintenance tips to help!

Ray Taught Us that a Positive Attitude is a Memorable Thing

We are sorry to hear that Ray Minter of Battery Sales passed away March 28, 2020. He taught us the importance of having a positive attitude.

Attacking Covid-19 from a valued partner - Bones Auto Parts

Attacking Covid-19 from a valued partner - Bones Auto Parts 

A Message Regarding COVID-19

We have been closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) threat and its impact on our community. Our CEO and Leadership Team have put together a plan of action that will help us navigate through this crisis and adapt as this dynamic situation evolves.

Continental Battery Honors Their Workforce With Employee Appreciation Day

This year we celebrated Employee Appreciation Day on March 6, and we are so glad we could celebrate this event before social distancing became necessary!

Roseland Oil & Gas Sponsorship

We are very excited to sponsor the Roseland Oil & Gas Car at Haynesville Oil and Gas Convention September 18-19th

A Decade of Excellence

Continental Battery is extremely proud to have been named Vendor of the Decade by Crow Burlingame