The Science Behind Electric Batteries in Your Solar RE

January 05, 2021

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When looking at your solar renewable energy battery options, there are several things you should take into consideration. For example, how much power can the battery provide, and how long will it last?

The science and technology that allows solar batteries to provide long-lasting power is of the utmost importance. At Continental Battery Co. we distribute solar battery products that have gained a legendary reputation in the solar industry.

Read on to learn more about the science that powers the solar batteries we distribute and the many industries that can benefit.

The Science Behind Trojan Solar Batteries

Trojan batteries have a world-wide reputation for having the best ROI, performance, durability, and quality components. Continental Battery is an authorized distributor of the Trojan Solar battery line, which contains the following technologies:

Alpha Plus® Paste with T2 Technology™ – The paste on Trojan batteries is a proprietary, high-density formulation that’s precisely engineered to deliver outstanding battery performance.

Smart Carbon™ – The Smart Carbon helps increase the electrochemically active surface area—that provides an improved charge acceptance along with a faster recharge in applications where the batteries could experience a Partial State of Charge (PSOC) regularly.

Duragrid™ Technology – Trojan uses a thick grid structure that maintains greater corrosion resistance, thereby increasing the battery’s life.

Reinforced Protection Wrap – Shedding is a thing of the past with reinforced protection wrap—it helps ensure the electrochemical performance of the active material of the battery.

Maxguard® XL Separator – Trojan uses a wide-channel design that allows for increased acid flow and optimal battery performance.

Moss Shield – The Moss Shield helps increase battery life by protecting the tops of the plates from shorting to the cell strap. It also protects the separators from damage.

Solar Battery Testing

Until recently, it was extremely challenging to test and prove the life expectancy of Photovoltaic batteries based on lead-acid chemistry. Trojan Batteries uses the IEC 61427 test that provides performance criteria that lead-acid batteries in a Partial State of Charge applications like PV should be measured against.

Solar Battery Types

Trojan makes high-powered and long-lasting batteries for a wide range of solar applications, such as:


The Solar Industrial line is engineered to support renewable energy systems that have large daily loads with regularly cycled batteries. High amp-hour capacity batteries are an excellent choice for grid-tiered PV systems with battery backup, large off-grid photovoltaic (PV) systems, smart grid peak shifting systems, off-grid hybrid PV systems, and many other applications.


Your renewable energy applications operate under extreme conditions such as freezing or hot temperatures, the intermittent nature of wind and solar power generation, and remote locations. The Solar Premium line of flooded deep-cycle batteries are specifically designed to withstand the most challenging conditions of renewable energy applications. Trojan is focused on manufacturing the highest quality solar battery in the industry.


The Solar Signature Line of deep-cycle flooded batteries is engineered for renewable energy systems wherein the lowest life-cycle cost is of the utmost importance. These batteries provide high performance and rugged durability. They feature  time-tested and field-proven T2 Technology—an advanced battery technology that allows for longer life, maximum sustained performance, and increased total energy.


Solar AGM batteries feature several key engineering features for renewable energy, hybrid, and backup power applications that require deep-cycling power with a non-spillable design. These batteries are built tough for worry-free and best value usage, and they can be counted on as a reliable source of power for grid-tied, unstable grid, and off-grid applications.


If your renewable energy application requires a non-spillable, maintenance-free gel battery, the Solar Gel line is the perfect match. It’s engineered it for extended battery life, outstanding performance, and rugged durability. The Solar Gel battery uses a proprietary gel formula that adheres to the heavy-duty thick grids that supply concentrated energy to the terminals.

Renewable Energy Solar Batteries Continental Batteries

Today’s modern solar applications require a specialized battery that’s specifically designed to provide the on-demand power that they need—in any environment or weather condition. The Trojan line of Solar batteries provided by Continental Battery offers excellent power, reliability, and durability for your solar renewable energy application.

At Continental Battery, we’ve been providing our customers with high-quality batteries for well over 85 years. We’re dedicated to developing and maintaining great and long-lasting customer relationships backed up by our superior quality products.

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