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Your car’s battery is what keeps you moving. It also works hard to power all the electronics in your car — from the radio to power steering to the headlights and much more. 

Continental Battery Systems’ team of more than 200 distribution centers and 35,000 retailers across the country carry a wide variety of automotive batteries designed to keep our customers on the road. 

Our automotive batteries are the highest quality, and we provide a complete range of automotive power solutions. Search the list below to find the best automotive battery for your vehicle. 

Marine / RV

Ready to get on the road or get out on the water? Boats and RVs need dependable power that can recharge easily. Don’t let your trip get sidelined by a battery that’s not up to the task. Whether you’re a weekend sports enthusiast or manage a fleet, Continental Battery Systems offers a wide selection of batteries designed specifically for marine and land crafts.

Commercial / Trucking

Continental Battery Systems offers the best selection of power solutions for your commercial vehicles, along with a deep understanding of what it takes to keep commercial fleets on the road. Browse our battery listings below and then search our extensive network of more than 220 distributors coast to coast who are ready and able to keep you truckin’. 


Powersport batteries are built for the rough and tumble world of powersport vehicles. Select the right battery for your bike, ATV, personal watercraft or snowmobile for maximum performance and maximum fun on land, water or snow. 

Farm and Ag

Farmers, ranchers and ag workers need batteries as tough and dependable as they are.

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More Battery Applications

Medical Mobility

You rely on your mobility scooter to keep you active and independent. The battery you choose should be dependable, low-maintenance and built to go the distance. Continental Battery Systems offers a selection of AGM and gel batteries specially designed for the medical mobility field. 

Industrial / AWP

Aerial work platforms (AWP), forklifts, scissor lifts and other industrial equipment require dependable batteries that work as hard as you do. Continental Battery Systems offers a selection of high-quality industrial equipment batteries to keep you working. 

Renewable / Solar

Renewable power solutions like solar and wind, when paired with battery storage, offer sustainable power solutions for residential and commercial applications. We offer a wide variety of batteries designed to store energy generated by renewable sources and release it during off-peak times.

Golf / Electric Vehicle

Golf cart and electric vehicles have specialized standards and requirements that set them apart from gas-powered vehicles. Our deep-cycle lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries are designed to maximize the performance and capabilities of your electric vehicle or golf cart. 

Floor Scrubber

Battery-powered floor scrubbers save time and labor as compared to manual floor cleaning methods. They’re also more efficient and increase productivity over corded floor cleaners.

Lawn and Garden

Spring, summer and fall, your lawn doesn’t quit; neither should your lawn and garden equipment. Power everything you need — from lawn mowers to tractors — to keep your lawn and garden looking great all year round.