ONE TEAM - A Word From Our CEO

June 10, 2020

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Hello all,

We continue to live in a dynamic world. The pandemic has quieted down a bit, but still a huge part of our altered daily life. The economic future is still cloudy overall and with recent events, clearly there are still huge amounts of underlying social issues, stress, and inequalities. All put together there is a great deal of social unrest all around us. Like this pandemic, the signs of social frustrations, injustice, and violence are touching all areas of the country. I believe that as the world gets stormy, Continental Battery can and will remain calm and steady throughout.

We have been fortunate to weather this economic storm about as well as any business can expect. We kept employment high and all pulled together to share the load. Thank you so much to our team for picking up the pace and filling our customers' needs. Our performance through this time has been noticed and appreciated by our customers and we will continue to be rewarded for that performance. Now, this doesn't mean we can sit still . . . like always we have to earn this business and continue to perform at the highest standards . . . but as we do, we expect to keep rolling and have a strong second half of the year.

There will be plenty of opportunities for individuals and teams as we get back to our expansion and growth! We can end up having a strong year overall if we live by our Guiding Principles every day. . . and as a company, I want to remind everyone that our position, during these times especially, is that we are ONE TEAM. We are together and we support each other. We support law and order, fairness and equality, and human and constitutional rights. ONE TEAM that is EMPOWERED and ENGAGED and CUSTOMER CENTRIC.

Thank you for being part of Continental Battery and for standing together as ONE TEAM.