About Us The Continental Battery Systems Story

The Continental Battery Systems Story

Quality and Integrity Since 1932

A Legacy of
Distributing Power

Continental Battery Manufacturing Corp. opened its doors in 1932. Founded by Ralph McCann, the Dallas-based company grew up with the automobile industry, supplying batteries to Henry Ford himself.

Since those pioneering days, Continental Battery Systems has become a nationally renowned battery distributor of the highest-quality batteries and distinguished customer service. We follow the same guiding principles that we did at the start: battery excellence, responsive customer-centric service, and a commitment to the highest quality, reliability and trust. Today, Continental Battery Systems is a single-source battery solution for all the devices and vehicles that power our lives.

Continental Battery Systems - History at a Glance

Continental Battery Systems Timeline

The Future Has Never Been Brighter

Continental Battery Systems moves forward with a rock-solid future ahead built on the integrity that forged its humble beginning. The principles on which the company was founded are as alive and well today as they were on day one, assuring our customers, employees, and distributors of their immeasurable value. Our success today and our success for the future are assured by the trusted partnerships built over the years. The relationships we create today will represent and inhabit the next generation of Continental Battery Systems.

We're Committed to Success

Each day, Continental Battery Systems makes a promise to the people we serve. The promise of providing the highest quality products and services is only a part of our commitment. Our pledge extends to many. We know that without our dedicated employees, our loyal distributors, and our valued customers, Continental Battery Systems would not be where we are today. Knowing this, we make a commitment to all of them that is renewed daily with every sale, every contract, every transaction, and every handshake. Thank you hardly seems enough to cover our gratitude.