Twice the Power And Triple the Life of Conventional Lead-Acid Designs


Odyssey lead-acid batteries offer twice the power and triple the lifespan of conventional designs. They are made of pure lead and are able to handle up to 80% discharge depth demand up to 400 cycles. Odyssey batteries are designed to deliver unrivaled quality performance.

Automotive & Light Truck Applications

Many new cars and trucks have a higher demand for power than they did a few years back. This is because the dashboard has been upgraded with several electronics that demand more power. The lighting, braking and power window systems also takes up more power. They require a battery that can withstand high draining and recover quickly with the standard charge you’d get from the vehicle’s alternator.

Odyssey batteries are designed to handle the challenge and deliver quality performance that cannot be rivaled by any brand. Here are the capabilities that make Odyssey your choice for your car or truck battery:

  • It is made of pure lead, unlike many other batteries in the industry. It also carries many lead plates per cell. This increases the plate surface which increases the amount of power that is produced by the battery. It produces twice the amount of power that is produced by similar capacity batteries.
  • The pure lead plates last up to three times more than conventional lead alloy plates. The battery is able to handle up to 80% discharge depth demand and still do up to 400 cycles.

Odyssey batteries come in many different specifications to meet your car and truck needs. There is definitely a battery that meets your needs such as massive starting power, deep cycling and rapid recovery.

Heavy-duty Vehicles

Heavy duty vehicles require an extensive amount of energy to power their massive ignition systems, and the several internal and external electrical systems on top of the electronics that need to be powered. These huge machines require a reliable and powerful source of energy for smooth running

Odyssey’s heavy duty batteries match the need by delivering up to 400 cycles of up to 80 of the discharge depth. The deep cycling takes care of massive energy demands during the ignition cycle, hydraulic operations, and the lighting system.

Their heavy duty batteries also have a rugged casing that protects the cells from damage due to vibration, especially on off-road conditions that many of the heavy-duty vehicles work. The battery cells are made of pure lead plates that last longer and produce more power than the conventional lead alloy plated batteries. Several plates are packed in a cell to increase the surface area, which adds to the amount of power that is produced by the battery. It produces twice the amount of power that is produced by other batteries.

Odyssey batteries come with different specifications to power different types of heavy duty vehicles at the farm, on the road and off-road environment.

Marine Applications

Marine vehicles place a heavy load on their batteries when starting and various electrical systems on the vessels. Odysseys marine dual-purpose batteries are made specifically for the marine applications to give reliable and efficient power supply.

These batteries are capable of powering the ignition cycle that use heavy loads and recover just in time for other operations. The battery’s deep cycling ability is outstanding; it can run up to 400 cycles at 80% of the depth of the discharge. Dual-purpose batteries have a lifetime three times the average life of a conventional battery. It produces about twice the amount of power produced by conventional batteries thanks to the pure lead plates.

The battery also has a rugged casing that withstands the vibration that accompanies riding on rocky water and turbulent waves. The battery is ideal for powering the several types of recreational vessels and boats, whilst providing enough power to the electronic devices on board, lighting, trolling, and the starting. It is a perfect source of power for your time in the waters.

Fleet Vehicles

If you are in charge of an organization that runs a fleet of vehicles, whether it be the sheriff department, fire department, taxi service or a courier service, you can attest that the fuel prices are a major problem. The volatile economy and unstable prices only makes matter worse. Many of these organizations advise its members to shut off the engine when necessary, and to use battery power to power critical devices and technologies.

Since the alternator is not recharging the battery when the car engine is shut off, most batteries tend to get damaged by frequent deep discharges. This shortens the life expectancy of the battery.

The revolutionary Odyssey commercial battery solves this problem. It has a deep cycling capability that allows it to take heavy power demands and recover fast. It also has reserve power to run on board devices even when the engine of the vehicle is off.

The battery is ideal for lighting, ignition, conventional starting, and powering communication, tracking and other systems in the vehicle. It does all this without shortening its life. Thus, it is a perfect combination of quality, power, unique design, and durability.

It is definitely the right solution to high power demand in fleets as it supports fuel consumption cutting measures.

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