Bring on the Summer Water Fun. But First, Is Your Boat Ready for the Ride?

July 16, 2020

Image for Bring on the Summer Water Fun. But First, Is Your Boat Ready for the Ride?

Watersports is one of the most exciting things about summer and having all the gear and equipment in great shape makes the experience much better.

Whether you’re bass fishing, motorboating, or out for a scenic jaunt in the sailboat, you want to feel confident that your battery will stay strong and be there when you need it. Boats, RVs, and all water sport vehicles need dependable power that can recharge easily. Measuring the quality of a battery goes far beyond just how long it can last. Using the most stable chemistry and providing the best safety, reliability, and durability are what makes a battery of the highest standards.

Lithium power solutions from RELiON

When you power your aquatic adventures, whether you’re in a cruiser, racer, or fishing boat, you want to concentrate on the fun, not the battery. That’s why choosing a RELiON Lithium battery is a smart choice. Dependable RELiON lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries fit all types of watercraft and deliver reliable power for everything you need.

Innovation and imagination go hand-in-hand at RELiON, solving big challenges through intelligent engineering and creating unique, integrated energy storage solutions that solve customer problems. RELiON offers:

  • Clean and consistent voltage that keeps your vehicles and gear happy
  • Sealed construction which equals zero maintenance and more mounting options
  • Built-to-fit standard BCI sizing that means easy drop-in replacement for your current batteries
  • Rapid recharge so you can charge whenever you feel like it and make the most of your charge time

Trojan’s Smart Lithium Ion Battery delivers

Trillium® is a name that delivers a range of advanced safety, environment, and electronic features not found in other batteries. With life expectancy over 5,000 cycles, Trillium will provide quality ROI over time. Trillium is designed to be a true replacement for lead-acid batteries.

Trillium has automotive-grade components for durability, safety, and a current sensor, fuse, and temperature sensor. It’s waterproof and dust proof, with an IP67 environmental rating—the highest in its class by far.

Trillium is designed to be a true replacement for deep-cycle lead-acid batteries and can be used with existing lead-acid chargers with AGM/GEL settings (I-E profile).

Trillium offers:

  • Advanced electronic features such as a visual SOC (state of charge) gauge on the top of the battery
  • Integrated Controller Area Network (CAN) communications share important battery data that includes state of charge and temperature information with other devices.
  • Trillium is designed and engineered in the USA by Trojan, the world’s leading supplier of deep-cycle batteries for nearly 100 years.

When it comes to high-end marine / watersport batteries, Continental Battery is sure to have exactly what you need. For ReLion products, check out our extensive product line. For Trillium products, get the details you need to make a smart choice. It’s good to know that you can count on Continental Battery for quality solutions whatever your watersport application may be.