How to Avoid Problems with Your Watersport Vehicle

July 21, 2021

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Proactive care of your watersport vehicle will guarantee more freedom and fun on the open water.

Overall, watersport vehicles are not difficult to maintain and operate; however, taking a proactive, responsible stance will help you to avoid minor problems that could turn into big ones. Remember why you got your watersport vehicle in the first place -- fun and adventure on the water!

First, if you have properly winterized and stored your watersport vehicle, you have a head start on fewer issues. Taking care of it off-season is just as important as in-season use.

Batteries can be especially problematic if not regularly recharged or not serviced properly. Also consider that having the best possible battery can be a game-changer. Check to make sure you are using the best performing watersport battery you can get. There is a difference and it can mean a lot considering how much you rely on your battery to keep the fun rolling along.

Locate your nearest Continental Battery dealership and get the details you need from the battery pros. Making this your first step will ensure a fun-filled summer with fewer problems.

Other parts of your watersport vehicle that could be problematic include:

  • Rusty Rings and Housings

Older vehicles will whine if the pump housing rings become corroded; but if you have a more recent model, your housings and rings are polymer and have closed-loop cooling which avoids problems.

  • Bilge Pump and Less Torque

Jet Skis are built to go quickly and pump capacity can lessen torque, making it hard to accelerate at a high RPM degree.

  • Inadequate Fuel Consumption

Because watersport vehicle operate at higher RPMS, they are less fuel efficient. Using high-grade fuel will help.

  • Engine Flooding

This can result in hydro lock and happens when the operator forgets to secure the drain plugs or the PWC flips upside down and the engine compartment fills with water. An impeller issue or running out of gas can also cause engine flooding.

  • Cost to Maintain

Watersport vehicle like Jet Skis can be expensive to maintain. The engine is not like a regular combustion engine, so special care is needed. Regular tune-ups will ensure better maintenance and care.

  • Hitting Something

Hitting an obstacle in the water is foremost a safety issue. Impediments like underwater rocks, shoals or deadheads can rip though the protective outer surface or even crack the hull.

  • Improper Winterizing

Incorrect preparation and storage of your vehicle for the off-season can be very troublesome. Leaving your personal watercraft sitting for a long time before taking it back into service again is not good. Give special attention to your battery and make sure you are getting advice from your local Continental Battery professional.

With a little advance preparation and know-how, along with ongoing care, your watersport vehicle can provide hundreds of hours of fun on the water with less expense and hassle. Keep in mind that ‘battery-first’ thinking will provide you with the best results and Continental Battery is your best choice for selecting exactly what you need.