Enjoy Even Better Boating in the Cooler Autumn Days Ahead

September 30, 2020

Image for Enjoy Even Better Boating in the Cooler Autumn Days Ahead

Tis the season for a quieter boating adventure, whether fishing, cruising, or sightseeing, it’s like having the waterways all to yourself.

As summer days give way to crispy, cooler autumn, it’s fun to think about all the fun. Whether you were fishing, water skiing or just enjoying the warm summer sun, it all seems to end too soon.  But, wait a minute. Who said you need to put the boat away just because summer is over? Some of the best boating days ever are just ahead in autumn.

Although many people think of Labor Day as the last bit of summer, you don’t have to be one of them. The change of summer season to fall presents some of the finest time on the water for fishing, cruising, exploring, sightseeing and simply getting away from it all.

You can enjoy even better boating in the cooler days of autumn. Here’s why.

Fewer Crowds

Generally, as school days kick in, boating traffic slows down. The lines at the fuel dock are shorter and there’s even more space at the dockside eateries. Where it could take an hour or more queueing up at the launch ramp in summer, you have it all to yourself?

Angling in Autumn

Fishing season is at its best in the fall, whether you’re fishing saltwater or freshwater. Die-hard fisher-folk know the bass like to feed near the edges of the lakes and rivers right before winter. Saltwater bays will get you to the bluefish and stripers. And remember to dress to stay warm. Evenings get cooler.

Enjoy the Scenery by Boat

This is a majestic time of year when the reds, oranges, and yellows of fall lure you onto the open waterways. Treat the family and friends to a picnic by boat while you take in the sights. And of course, you must take some fishing gear (just in case). Take time to explore coves and inlets while keeping an eye out for migrating birds along the water’s edge.

Safety Tips for All Seasons

No matter what season it is safety is a must for all boaters. Follow these safety tips and you’ll have lots more fun.

  1. Boaters should always wear a PFD (personal flotation device).Make sure all your navigational lights are working and carry along a waterproof flashlight or two.
  1. Keep a vigilant eye on the weather asautumn storms can form unexpectedly.
  1. Dress in layers so you can adapt from warmer to cooler. Don’t forget the rain gear.
  1. Let someone know where you’ll be and when you expect to be back, just in case you run into a problem.
  1. Perhaps the most important thing of all is to make sure your battery is in tip-top shape. Whetheryou’re using a chemical battery; wet cell (flooded), gel cell, absorbed glass mat (AGM), which are all lead-acid batteries; or lithium -- take time before you leave for the dock to make sure you are prepared.

If you need a new battery, check with your local Continental Battery distributor to find out more. You might decide to go with a ReLion lithium battery which offers rapid recharge so you can charge whenever you feel like it and make the most of your charge time. The clean and consistent voltage will keep your boat smooth running and sealed construction which equals zero maintenance and more mounting options.

Another option is the Trillium smart lithium ion battery from Trojan with a life expectancy over 5,000 cycles. Trillium is designed to be a true replacement for deep-cycle lead-acid batteries and can be used with existing lead-acid chargers with AGM/GEL settings (I-E profile).

Before you store your boat for the winter, take her out for an inviting run during the temperate autumn months. Check with your local Continental Battery distributor if you have questions about your battery or any other gear. We’re here to help any season.