Continental Battery Honors Their Workforce With Employee Appreciation Day

March 10, 2020

Image for Continental Battery Honors Their Workforce With Employee Appreciation Day

There’s something very special about people who devote themselves to doing a great job. We believe those people deserve our ongoing appreciation and thanks.

While most everyone will agree that working is a necessity, employee relation studies reveal that most people value ‘appreciation and recognition’ as much or more than the job itself. Continental Battery has been ‘walking that walk’ for over 80 years and one significant way we do that is by honoring our workforce with Employee Appreciation Day. This year we celebrated Employee Appreciation Day on March 6, and we are so glad we could celebrate this event before social distancing became necessary!

The dedication and commitment shown by Continental Battery employees speak loud and clear throughout the country at our many locations. They know that Continental cares for them like family and they go above and beyond in their jobs and work ethic which has translated to many, many years of growth for the company and its employees.

During Employee Appreciation Day, Continental employees were thanked with goodie bags, and breakfast and lunch feasts, where coming together in a family-style way builds a continued warm, collaborative workplace.

Here’s what some of Continental Battery’s employees have to say about their special Employee Appreciation Day at the various facilities:

“Thank you for all that you do for us as well! We really appreciated the meal and gifts that we were given. This is me and Becky Hager posing with our goody bags. Have a great week ahead!”
Branch 660 Poplar Bluff, Missouri


Employees were very thankful!’ Harlingen 160


I have attached some pictures of our Employee Appreciation Day at #540 Chattanooga. We enjoyed some breakfast pizzas to start the day off. That really helped us do our weekly inventory early in the morning. After we worked that off we fried up some freshly caught fish added some tater tots and chowed down for lunch. The crew here at #540 Chattanooga want to express our thanks for this Employee Appreciation Day. Now it is time for a nap -- LOL!

Thanks, DeWayne"


As Continental Battery continues to grow, expanding our reach across the continental U. S., we salute the people who make it happen -- our employees.  To them, we say, “Thank You” for your individual commitment and your respect for the ethical reputation that keeps Continental Battery moving forward in the marketplace.