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How to Maintain Your Automotive Battery

With a little time spent on battery maintenance, your dream trip won’t become a nightmare. Here’s how to maintain an automotive battery and tell when it’s time for a replacement.


Continental Battery Systems and Trojan Battery Company Expand Master Distributor Agreement

The new relationship makes Continental Battery Systems the exclusive distributor in the West for Trojan Battery and encompasses all Trojan Battery Company products.

What Is a Battery Booster? 

Battery boosters are your trusty sidekicks when your vehicle battery needs a jump. Our carefully selected line of NOCO boosters is compact and lightweight, packing a significant amount of charge in a small package — the perfect combination of power and portability. 

Benefits of a Battery Booster

  • Convenient. Get your vehicle started without needing to hook up to another car. 
  • Portable. The compact design is perfect for on-the-go emergencies. 
  • Powerful. Capable of jump-starting vehicles multiple times on a single charge. 
  • Versatile. Suitable for a wide range of vehicles — from compact cars to SUVs. 
  • Safe. Boosters have built-in protection against short circuits, overloads and overcharging. 

Battery Booster Applications

Battery boosters are essential accessories for consumers and a cornerstone product for retail stores looking to stock high-performance, user-friendly items. 

Our range of NOCO products includes boosters designed for commercial-grade applications as well as personal and recreational vehicles, including: 

  • Semi-trucks
  • RVs
  • Buses
  • Farm and construction equipment
  • Cars, boats and motorcycles
  • Powersport vehicles

We’re Here to Help

If you have any questions or would like more information about our battery boosters, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of battery experts is always ready to assist you.