Your ATV Wants to Take You for an Off-Road Adventure!

August 27, 2020

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Get your gear together and hit the trail knowing your ATV is powered up, ready to roll, and won’t let you down.

The best part of fall is getting outside and enjoying the weather and scenic sites. And if you happen to be the lucky owner of an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), well, you’re probably already out there. No need to worry much about social distancing if you’re riding with the wind along a mountain trail or blitzing along a sand beach with the ocean spray in your face.

All you need to do is a little preparation to make sure your ride is maintenance-ready and set to go. And the most important thing to check is your battery.

Your ATV’s engine supplies the horsepower that propels it, but most of the accessories that you might want to use run off the battery. Whether you're using the headlights, a winch or some other kind of attachment, you need a battery that can supply the necessary power. The battery also powers the electric starter, so you need it just to get going.

ATVs use lead acid batteries; the conventional kind you have to top off with distilled water, or AGM (absorbed glass mat) varieties. AGM batteries generally cost more, but provide more power and require less maintenance. ATV batteries are designed to be good at providing a brief shot of power, such as when the ATV starts or when using the winch for a few minutes. Long-term use, like leaving the headlights on without the engine running, can drain the battery.

The battery is usually charged by the ATV's charging system. Whenever the engine is running, the battery is being charged -- as long as you're not doing something that drains the battery faster than it can be charged. It's important to make sure the battery is charged up before you shut the ATV down and put it away. Without a full charge, sulfates can build up inside the battery and reduce its efficiency.

ATV batteries can also be charged by an external charger. It's recommended that you use a charger designed for "powersport" batteries. There are crucial differences between ATV batteries and automotive batteries, so using a car battery charger isn't the best choice.

What about lithium batteries for my ATV?

If you’re in the market for a superior power source for your ATV, be sure to check out how lithium-ion batteries stack up against other types.  If you’re exploring mountain trails and remote locations, the last thing you want to have is battery anxiety.

Lithium batteries offer many benefits over lead-acid alternatives for your overland travels. They're smaller and weigh less, are temperature resistant, provide more usable capacity, charge faster and offer zero voltage sag. Plus, they last longer than their standard deep cycle counterparts, making them a smart long-term investment.

What to Look for In An ATV Battery

Dependability is priority when you’re off-road on your adventures. ATV lithium-ion batteries won’t let you down with battery life span that exceeds a decade.

Bumpy rides are part of the ATV experience, but you can manage the vibration control better with a durable lithium-ion battery.

ATV batteries are built with numerous safeguards to prevent overheating and fire hazards, but safety for your power source is always a concern. Because of  lithium battery technology advances, manufacturers are incorporating phosphorus into the batteries, which increases the safety of every unit.

Lithium-ion batteries cost more than lead acid counterparts, but easily prove their value in the long run. Cost is less an issue when you’re saving on replacement outlays.

One thing you don’t want on your ATV is too much weight.  Heavy batteries slow down your ATV and you can go faster and farther with lightweight lithium ATV batteries which are about a third of the weight. 

To achieve top performance, lithium-ion batteries only need to be fully charged one time. However, lead acid batteries perform best when charging is staggered over multiple sessions, using up more energy and wasting your time. Efficient charging is a smart time saver with lithium-ion batteries and your ATV will be practically maintenance free.

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