Batteries for Big Rigs

November 18, 2020

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Big rigs are the lifeline of the U.S. Without them, trade and commerce will cease to exist. This is why it’s critically important for big rig fleets to ensure that they stay up and running so that they’re able to deliver their cargo.

The battery that powers the truck needs to be able to withstand the rigors of not only driving hundreds of thousands of miles but extreme weather and the power demands of quality-of-life components.

Read on to learn more about batteries for big rigs, and why Continental Batteries are the superior choice for keeping trucks up and running so they’re able to deliver their goods on time.

Benefits of Truck Batteries

Modern big rig batteries are built tough to meet the demanding needs of moving cargo and freight while powering the various accessories that allow truckers and trucks to perform their jobs.

Longer battery life – A dead battery is one of the last things a trucker wants to deal with, especially if they’re in the middle of nowhere and stuck on the side of the road. Batteries that are specifically designed for big rigs allow for longer battery life.

Improved performance – In addition to powering the big rig, the battery needs to run all of the electrical components that allow the truck driver to sleep in his or her cab.

Withstand the extremes – A truck that’s stopped is a truck that’s not making money. Big rig batteries are built to withstand the extremes of running a truck for long periods of time and in all types of extreme weather and can help prevent costly delays due to a bad battery.

Types of Big Rig Batteries

There are several different types of truck batteries on the market. Depending on the kind that you have along with your power requirements, you can choose from:

AGM Batteries

Absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries are a popular choice amongst truckers and truck fleet owners. This is due to their discharge and recharge efficiencies—meaning that they can withstand the rigorous demands of trucks running long hours and driving thousands of miles at a stretch.

They have an electrolyte solution that’s placed close to the metal plates and offers a much slower discharge rate compared to other battery types. Thanks to the fiberglass, plastic shell, and lead-acid, AGM batteries can help cut down on toxic waste as they are partially recyclable.

Lead-Acid Batteries

Some trucks require lead-acid batteries. They have an acid and lead combination that stores the electrical charge. There are also dry and well-cell subcategories of lead-acid batteries. The wet-cell ones are often referred to as “flooded batteries” and often require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance.


Lithium-ion batteries are relatively new and compared to the lead-acid ones, they can offer up to 10x deep-cycle resistance. Lightweight and maintenance-free, they provide reliable power upon demand, long durability, and fast recharge. They tend to cost the most out of all big rig batteries.

Mixed Tech Batteries

This class of batteries bridges the best of tech between AGM and flooded wet batteries for superior performance and reliability. Such batteries as the MixTech 31 from Continental Battery offer many unique benefits, such as:

Vibration resistance – The high-tech element bonding serves to resist positive plate growth while helping reduce vibration-related failures.

Thick Positive Grids – The additives and increased active materials help promote high sustained voltages under cranking loads while reducing internal resistance. This allows for improved performance and longer deep cycle life.

Withstand extreme temperatures – Big rigs run in all kinds of weather—from freezing cold to temperatures above 110 degrees. MixTech batteries offer a 360-degree acid mixture that helps eliminate thermal gradients while improving overall battery life in extreme temperatures.

Glass Mat – MixTech big rig batteries use a compressed cell design with enveloped + AGM separators that reduce plate shredding, improve vibration resistance, and provide cycling stability. This helps provide ten times the vibration resistance and three times the cyclic stability of standard batteries.

Best Battery for Your Fleet of Big Rigs

Continental Battery is a top market brand when it comes to big rig batteries. We have the tech know-how to deliver mixed-tech and lithium-Ion batteries for both current and next-generation vehicles.

We focus heavily on both the quality of our products and customer service. Our MixTech line of big rig batteries are designed to last longer than other brands with their larger reserve and deep-cycle technology.

At Continental Battery, we’ve been providing our customers with high-quality batteries for well over 85 years. We’re dedicated to developing and maintaining great and long-lasting customer relationships backed up by our superior quality products.

Contact us today to learn more about our company and line of car, marine, and golf cart batteries.