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Discover Battery leads the industry in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of leading-edge battery technologies to the transportation, motive power, and energy storage industries. Their global distribution centers are capable of shipping products anywhere our customers need. They produce batteries for a range of applications, including renewable energy, commercial, telecom systems, mobility, UPS/emergency lighting. With over 70-years of experience, they are leading the global power shift for a cleaner energy future. and energy storage challenges. What started as a battery distribution business in 1949 has evolved to become a leading innovator and manufacturer of high level value power solutions delivered and serviced through Continental Battery Systems in North America.


DRY CELL AGM Traction/Industrial

Trusted by OEMs around the world, DRY CELL AGM Traction/Industrial deep-cycle batteries outperform traditional Flooded, AGM, and Gel batteries in demanding traction and industrial applications. DRY CELL batteries are designed to deliver long high operating current runtime and to be regularly cycled to >50% DOD when proper charging sources are available.

DRY CELL AGM Key Benefits

High Battery Capacity. Long Runtimes.

  • Ideal for deep-cycle applications with an emphasis on long high discharge runtimes
  • Sealed valve regulated. Nonspillable
  • Compressed AGM cells for extreme vibration resistance
  • Repeated high rate deep cycles up to 80% DOD
  • Maintenance-free. Unrestricted transport
  • Enhanced safety with built-in flame arrestor
  • Built-in handles



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