Why Sustainability Matters in the Battery Business

December 01, 2020

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Continental Battery Co believes sustainability is an integral part of corporate responsibility.

Sustainability: a prominent buzz word that you hear and read about in news and communication for almost every industry these days. But, while sustainability has different implications for different industries, there is one common denominator that everyone shares-- how to support long-term ecological balance.

The dictionary defines sustainability as: the ability to be sustained, supported, upheld, or confirmed. Environmental Science. the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance.

Sustainability is especially important to those of us in the battery business, as the chemicals used in some batteries are very toxic and harmful to people, animals, and our planet.

That’s why Continental Battery Co. takes a stringent, committed stand when it comes to recycling batteries. We believe it is our corporate responsibility to take sustainability seriously.

Batteries are our business and environmental safety is our ongoing commitment. Since 1932, we have been not only selling batteries, but also recycling them because it is our responsibility as mindful corporate citizens.

Today, Continental Battery Co actually recycles more batteries than we sell. Within our nationwide network, the thousands of dealers who consistently return used batteries for recycling, continue to demonstrate the pride we take in our environmental initiatives.

Continental Battery Co is committed to recycling/reconditioning 100% of our batteries. No batteries go to the landfill. An essential part of our senior leadership support is dedicated to building a more sustainable working environment. 

With a nationwide network of over 25,000 dealers returning used batteries, we are proud to contribute to America’s greatest recycling initiatives. Due to the rapid acceleration of climate change in recent years, we have prioritized our efforts to develop solutions to reduce our operational carbon footprint.

Continental Battery Co also strives to improve our carbon footprint by decreasing our emissions.  We have accomplished this by improving our fleet fuel efficiency, replacing older vehicles with more fuel-efficient models, and switching to V6 engines.  In addition, we have reduced travel (air/ground) and implemented remote video conference technology.

Our recycling programs include repurposing/recycling electronic waste, including mobile phones, laptops and other electronic devices to be disposed of through approved waste vendors.  We also partnered with recycling vendors to ensure cardboard is recycled properly and kept out of landfills.  Finally, we are reducing our paper consumption by implementing programs like digital data storage and paperless orders.

Our battery technology and variety of products provide storage capability for solar-generated renewable energy, giving Continental Battery Co and our customers the ability to make the world a more carbon-neutral environment.

Sustainability at Continental Battery cares about protecting our planet for future generations. Another sustainability initiative is our goal to see that 50% of our total annual electricity consumption is generated from renewable energy by 2025.

At Continental Battery, sustainability is far from just being a buzz word. Our actions and initiatives to protect our natural resources and leave less carbon footprints behind is an ongoing, daily responsibility.