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Continental Batteries

With more than 200+ company-owned distribution centers and a network of 35,000+ retail sellers and installers, Continental Batteries represents a robust national presence that continues to expand. The reason for such growth is largely based on trust and reliability. For close to a century, we have built relationships with our distributors and customers. Year after year, the highest quality products and services continue to engender the highest level of trust.

We know that reliability must be earned and Continental Batteries is proud that customers and distributors throughout the U.S. honor us with their reliance.


Discover Battery leads the industry in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of leading-edge battery technologies to the transportation, motive power, and energy storage industries. Their global distribution centers are capable of shipping products anywhere our customers need. They produce batteries for a range of applications, including renewable energy, commercial, telecom systems, mobility, UPS/emergency lighting. With over 70-years of experience, they are leading the global power shift for a cleaner energy future. and energy storage challenges. What started as a battery distribution business in 1949 has evolved to become a leading innovator and manufacturer of high level value power solutions delivered and serviced through Continental Battery Systems in North America.


Discover - Lithium Blue

Discover® LITHIUM BLUE LiFePO4 Premium Series batteries offer BMS controlled safety, long life, lightning fast charging performance and real-time Bluetooth access to battery State of Charge, voltage, current, temperature status. LITHIUM BLUE batteries reflect Discover’s Design for Excellence philosophy, incorporating suitcase style carrying handles, terminal protection and field serviceable fuses. LITHIUM BLUE batteries are safe, easy to install, and  can be run iin parallel for more capacity.



OPTIMA batteries are The Ultimate Power Source, delivering supreme performance and reliability. OPTIMA batteries power automobiles, boats and commercial vehicles worldwide through the most extreme and harshest environments.


Trojan’s deep-cycle flooded batteries are the flagship of Trojan’s product portfolio. Engineered to provide rugged durability, outstanding performance and long life, Trojan’s deep-cycle flooded batteries are perfectly suited for use in a variety of golf and electric vehicles. These powerful deep-cycle flooded batteries feature Trojan’s historically-proven engineering and T2 Technology,™ an advanced battery technology for maximum sustained performance, longer life and increased total energy.


With Twice the Power And Triple the life of conventional Lead-Acid designs, Odyssey batteries can handle a wide range of applications and performance demands.


Factory Activated - Ready to Roll When You Are!

Motobatt means More:

  • More active material
  • More CCAs
  • More AHs
  • More mounting options
  • More terminals
  • More time for your ride



Lithium Power Solutions

  • Clean and Consistent Voltage keeps your vehicles and gear happy
  • Sealed construction equals Zero Maintenance and more mounting options
  • Built-to-fit standard BCI sizing means easy drop-in replacement for your current batteries
  • Rapid Recharge means you charge whenever you feel like it and make the most of your charge time



Discover MIXTECH batteries combine the latest electrochemical advancements in battery technology with patented MIXTECH technology to produce the most significant improvement in performance, reliability, and battery life in 50 years.

MIXTECH is a patented technology built into every flooded Discover MIXTECH battery, that uses a vehicle's natural movement to continuously mix the electrolyte inside the battery to eliminate acid stratification. By eliminating or slowing acid stratification the battery maintains uniform charge and discharge activity across the whole of the battery's plates. Eliminating acid stratification improves active material utilization, sustains Dynamic Charge Acceptance and cycle life and prevents premature loss of performance and life.


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More Battery Brands


Powersonic batteries is an industry leader not only because they provide the highest quality products available, but also maintain an unmatched commitment to excellence in customer service and overall personal satisfaction.


When it comes to Deep Cycle batteries, the details matter. Construction, plate chemistry, and craftsmanship all have to be in sync to get the longest life in the most demanding applications. Fullriver DC series batteries use more lead and heavier plates creating more reserve capacity and maximum life cycles.

The Full Throttle Series batteries were designed from the ground up to handle the increasing demands of today’s vehicles. Built with high-compression cells and a heavy-duty case, they stand strong in the face of shock and vibration. Pure-lead cells and thin-plate technology deliver reliable power, again and again, to meet the highest level of demand.

Full Throttle batteries fit the widest variety of vehicle needs and applications (Cars, trucks, motorcycles, marine, power sports, emergency responders and semi-trucks). From professional racing to serious vehicle enthusiasts, Full Throttle is the battery of choice. Tough, reliable, and built to last.


NOCO firmly believes that success is driven by innovation and attention to detail. In-house Industrial Design, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and Advanced Testing Teams only scratch the surface of how deep our innovation goes. From energy saving circuit and software design to optimized manufacturing operations, we are always improving and taking things to the next level. At NOCO, we don't try to out-design our competition- we push the limits of what is possible.

Designed and engineered in the USA.


The Precision Lithium line is unmatched in terms of reliability, safety, performance, and durability. We designed our units to perform as well on the first day as in their tenth year, and our state-of-the-art BMS, cells, and safety functions take recreational lithium batteries to a new level. So whether the batteries are used in southern Florida, Texas, or Arctic Alaska, our batteries will perform time after time.

Zamp Solar

Zamp Solar is the premier supplier of US-made off-grid solar panels and accessories.

Zamp was founded in Bend, Oregon in 2010 with a goal of making the highest quality, most innovative off-grid solar products on the market to help people dream bigger, go further, and stay out longer. Ten years later, we’re still obsessed with quality, still innovating and still exploring the infinite possibilities of solar.

Crown Battery

Crown Deep Cycle Battery

The world’s leading Golf & Turf professionals won't send their fleets onto the course with a lesser battery. That’s why they only choose Crown. Powerful. Dependable. Low maintenance and extremely reliable. So why walk with the amateurs when you can drive like a Pro? Crown Battery. The true power in golf.