AAPEX Workshop Recap: Discover™ MIXTECH

January 09, 2023

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Acid stratification is a major problem for vehicle batteries. This phenomenon involves a buildup of heavy acids in a battery, which can create problems like charge imbalance and reduced performance. Many premature battery failures can be linked to acid stratification.

But the experts at our partner, Discover, got creative to solve this issue. The result? MIXTECH, a patented, first-of-its-kind technology that virtually eliminates acid stratification and creates batteries that perform better, withstand harsh conditions, are more cost-effective over the long term and last longer than comparable conventional batteries.

But what is MIXTECH, and how does it work? Keep reading for an overview of the technology that Discover presented at the Continental Battery Systems workshop during the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX) 2022. The presentation included: how these batteries compare to traditional wet-flooded batteries, the major benefits and the future of this technology.

What Is Discover MIXTECH?

Discover MIXTECH is an innovative vehicle battery that uses patented acid-mixing technology. Discover’s MIXTECH lines include MIXTECH EMX Premium Flooded, MIXTECH EFG Automotive and MIXTECH EGM Commercial High Cycle batteries. MIXTECH technology, in all cases, prolongs battery life and lowers the risk of stratification. 

Benefits of Discover MIXTECH Batteries

MIXTECH is one of the most significant battery innovations in over 50 years. That kind of innovation comes with a number of benefits, from reducing commercial downtime thanks to better performance to saving you money — whether you need a battery for just one vehicle or for a whole fleet.

Improved performance. Modern vehicles need modern batteries that can handle more electrical systems for start-stop functionality, lane assist, backup cameras and more. MIXTECH batteries increase material utilization to improve battery performance, and many MIXTECH batteries also offer added benefits like vibration resistance and resistance to extreme temperatures, hot or cold.

Reduced acid stratification. MIXTECH is specifically designed to address acid stratification. The 360-degree technology mixes the electrolyte to prevent acid from settling and building up while also avoiding the dry-out and thermal runaway risks that come with AGM batteries.

Longer lifespan. Acid stratification is a common issue for wet-flooded batteries, and it can reduce battery capacity up to 40% in just the first 6 to 8 months of a new battery’s life. MIXTECH extends the life cycle up to four times compared to the standard life cycle, and EFBs can start vehicles about 85,000 times. In comparison, a conventional battery can start vehicles only about 30,000 times before needing a replacement.

Lower cost. Over the course of their life, MIXTECH batteries have a lower cost compared to other types of starting lighting ignition (SLI) batteries. That’s because the batteries have a longer lifespan, and the MIXTECH technology prevents premature performance loss. MIXTECH batteries also provide high dynamic charging acceptance, which reduces wear and tear on the alternator and improves fuel economy.

MIXTECH vs. Traditional Batteries

MIXTECH batteries provide two to four times longer cycle life when compared to similar conventional batteries. This is due to the patented technology that allows the battery to mix electrolyte 360 degrees. By doing so, the heavier acid won’t fall and build up in the battery, which can inhibit battery performance and cause premature battery failure.

Discharging and charging a battery can lead to shedding and corrosion on the positive active material in the battery plates, but acid-mixing technology improves material utilization and reduces acid stratification and related corrosion. MIXTECH also minimizes thermal gradients, which tend to become worse when acid stratification occurs, so these batteries perform well even in extreme weather compared to traditional batteries.


Many MIXTECH batteries have the same benefit of vibration resistance and cold temperature resistance found in absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries but without the higher costs. AGMs keep the electrolyte in fiberglass separators, which are absorbent and store the electrolyte in a dry rather than liquid state, as is found in wet-flooded batteries and traditional enhanced flooded batteries (EFBs). 

Discover EFBs with MIXTECH technology can offer the best of both worlds: the benefits of both EFBs and AGMs with reduced risk of acid stratification, plus extreme temperature resistance and vibration resistance — all at a lower cost than many AGMs.

Discover also offers MIXTECH EGM (enhanced glass mat) batteries, which have a 30% depth of discharge and work well for high-powered vehicles. These batteries combine MIXTECH technology, deep-cycle technology of EFBs and vibration resistance found in AGMs for a powerful battery with less risk of dry-out and thermal runaway than AGM batteries.

MIXTECH EFB vs. MIXTECH Premium Flooded

Finding the right MIXTECH battery for you will depend on your vehicle and how you use it. Both MIXTECH EFBs and MIXTECH Premium Flooded batteries offer vibration resistance, work well in all types of weather and support start-stop functionality. 

MIXTECH EFBs and MIXTECH EFB Commercial High Power have added benefits compared to MIXTECH Premium Flooded batteries, including enhanced alloys and a carbon boost for a 17.5% depth of discharge.

MIXTECH Technology Uses

MIXTECH has many uses, including powering personal vehicles, commercial trucks, marine vehicles, RVs and public transit vehicles. Whether you’re looking to improve performance in automotive or commercial applications, MIXTECH offers excellent durability and reliability.

Automotive. Whether for personal vehicles, a fleet of vehicles for a business or even recreational vehicles, MIXTECH offers better micro-cycle life, improved dynamic charge acceptance and more reliability thanks to its protective measures against acid stratification.

MIXTECH batteries are ideal for vehicles with start-stop capabilities. The MIXTECH EMX Premium Flooded batteries provide two times the cycle life of a standard battery, and the MIXTECH EFBs offer triple the micro-cycle life of a conventional battery in start-stop vehicles thanks to the enhanced alloys and carbon boost.

Commercial. For commercial vehicles, MIXTECH technology can provide enhanced power for vehicles that rely on many electronic systems and travel long distances. MIXTECH’s EFB Commercial High Power Batteries have a 17.5% depth of discharge (DoD) and combine the innovations behind EFBs and AGM batteries for better performance and durability. The commercial high power batteries reduce thermal runaway risks and are better suited to extreme temperatures, plus they offer the vibration resistance typically found in AGM batteries.

The Future of MIXTECH

We demand more from our vehicles than ever before. Conventional batteries can’t compete with the longevity, durability and performance that Discover MIXTECH batteries can provide to modern vehicles, whether it’s the family sedan, an RV or a large commercial truck. 

With MIXTECH batteries offering up to four times more cycle life and improved performance over standard batteries, they make a good choice for those who want to outfit a vehicle or fleet of vehicles with long-lasting and cost-effective batteries.