A Message Regarding COVID-19

March 18, 2020

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We have been closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) threat and its impact on our community. Our CEO and Leadership Team have put together a plan of action that will help us navigate through this crisis and adapt as this dynamic situation evolves.

Our priority is the safety and well-being of our employees, their loved ones, and our customers. We are taking decisive steps to help ensure the wellness of everyone by focusing on deeper cleaning in all our locations, suspending unnecessary business travel and limiting large gatherings until further notice.


This will not affect your customer service as all staff are expected to be available during regular business hours. We do not foresee the need to close our offices; however, we will communicate if the situation should change.


Business Operations


In terms of our business, our products are needed by the community to support day-to-day life, including the operations of our first responder emergency personnel. We are a critical cog in not only the economy, but the safety, security, and continuity of our communities. We have a great responsibility placed upon our shoulders to help ensure we fulfill this critical role to the very best of our abilities.  


Our company vision reads: “EmPOWERed Communities built on partnerships and service,” and our mission statement reads: “Working together for better renewable solutions that deliver reliable power to our communities.”


In these uncertain times, our community calls upon us to deliver. It is vital that we place our commitment to customer service first off and foremost—even with the interruptions and unforeseen challenges that may lie ahead. 


Continental has weathered adversity in the past. Founded in 1932, we have been through WWII, Vietnam, oil booms and busts, economic feasts and famines, 9/11, and more. 


We will face this crisis with the same positive attitude and rugged determination that has made us who we are. We will survive, get through this as a team, and come out on the other end much stronger than before. 


We will continue to monitor the situation and communicate regularly with any updates or changes. We ask that all employees and customers feel free to share their comments, concerns, or suggestions.


Thank you, be safe, and be well.