Working From Home

May 04, 2020

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Working from home has been... interesting. I have learned many things about my dog, my wife, my teammates, and myself.

I was always curious what my dog did while we were gone all day. I assumed he got anxious and roamed the house. Come to find out he sleeps. A lot. He is actually quite annoyed that we are home and cannot wait until we go back to working in the office. I also learned he hates Mondays just like the rest of us. The garbage truck comes on Monday, and Scout hates the garbage truck. We have resorted to "sleepy cheese" on Monday mornings - a benadryl or two wrapped in some velveeta. However, he is a great walking partner and has me on his schedule.

My wife is getting the word "fix" and "improve" mixed up. "We should fix the color of the house..." No, she just wants to paint the house a different color. "Should we fix the shelves in the garage?" No, she wants me to install more shelving! "I need you to fix the height of the curtain rods!" No, she just wants the rod higher so she can try and convince me we need new curtains ("the old ones are too short now")! Do you see the trend here? Not good! Am I married to a designer? YEP!    =(

She takes pretty good care of me though! If she is not here, I usually do not have breakfast or lunch because I forget. Luckily, (in between her hectic work schedule and conference calls) when she is here she just plops food in front of my face and tells me to eat. And not just something microwaved, real food. Breakfast is my favorite. She makes bacon, egg, cheese, & jalapeno breakfast quesadillas, fresh fruit smoothies, & (on good days) homemade pancakes with maple bacon. Fine, I'll "fix" the shelves!

My team has interesting habits as well. Amy is in a different room every time we have a hangout call - mom life, she goes where the kiddo goes! Her son likes apples more than suckers - I wish I could say the same. Hangout calls with Yolanda are hilarious! Will her son have clothes on? Only time will tell. Will her husband have found some new plastic cutlery to add to his collection? Open the dishwasher to find out. We have "happy hour hangouts" through Google on Friday - and I have learned that Don is efficient and skips the middle man of a cup. Straight from the bottle like a pro.

I also have strange habits. Too many times (when Molly has been gone) I have eaten cookie dough and milk for lunch. No one has noticed, but I have commited to wearing a different hat each day. I am running thin and starting to get to the bottom of the barrel, and some old hats from the high school days are starting to pop up. Yikes! I have committed to doing yoga. Me from a year ago is making fun of quarantine me. I have a terrible half grown beard and long nasty hair. What have I become? A GEICO caveman, that's what. Quarantine is not good for me! As the crazy "mista mista" lady from Happy Gilmore once said, "GET ME OUT OF HERE!"

"Happy Hour Hangout"