How Does an 80-Year-Old Battery Company Attract Great Employees?

January 20, 2021

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No carrots, no magic, just plain, old-fashioned honesty, principles, and quality care.

Testing the authenticity of a company with an entrepreneurial culture over an 80-year period of time is very telling. There’s no magic formula or complex tactic involved here, but rather a consistency of good will and quality caring performed by people with integrity. Continental Battery Co stands out brilliantly in this category of achievement.

When Ralph McCann opened the doors of Continental Battery Co in 1932, he founded the business on solid principles and ethics that still resonate throughout the company today. Being a reliable battery distributor, for Ralph, meant developing customer relationships that would withstand the test of time.

And considering that today, Continental Battery Co has 90+ Nationwide Branches with 25,000 dealer locations, Ralph McCann has more than proven his point.

Over the years as economic times have changed, Continental Battery Co has reinvented itself many times. But one thing that has not changed is the driving force perpetuated by the company’s inspired employees.

Because they are passionate about being the best, Continental employees are constantly demanding more of themselves to deliver customer service above and beyond.

From executives, office personnel, truck drivers, warehouse staff, accounting, human resources, and more -- Continental Battery Co employees put quality service first. When new distributors come on board with Continental, they know they are making a decision based on trust and confidence.

Moving into a new year, Continental Battery Co offers a rock-solid future for people looking for a rewarding career opportunity. A company built on the integrity and forged in humble beginnings, Continental provides an environment of advancement and recognition every step of the way.

The principles on which the company was founded are as alive and well today as they were on day one, ensuring that customers, employees, and distributors know they are immeasurably valued. Continental Battery Co has the kind of reputation that every company hopes to achieve.

Because Continental Battery CO employees are valued, respected, and appreciated, they embody a workforce that is dedicated, reliable, happy, and committed to being the best. If you were to ask a Continental employee what they like best about their company, they would likely say they enjoy being appreciated and treated with respect at all levels.

Employee Appreciation at Continental Battery Co includes special events, internal competitions, and generous retention programs.

Benefits Programs include a variety of perks and rewards throughout the year. Our employee’s investment in Continental Battery Co is something never taken for granted and Continental shares that in return.

Growth and Advancement Opportunities include training and challenges for our teams, knowing that the opportunity to grow is closely tied to happiness on the job. Employees enjoy training programs, promotions based on merit and on-the-job training and shadowing.

Community Presence and Participation is a major part of being a Continental Battery Co employee. Our valued employees and affiliates are considered ambassadors of Continental and enjoy the confidence that their company is dedicated to their success.

Our future is assured by the trusted partnerships built over the years, so we value the relationships we create today, knowing they will represent and inhabit the next generation of Continental Battery Co.

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