Pasco Battery Warehouse Joins Continental Battery

June 30, 2020

Image for Pasco Battery Warehouse Joins Continental Battery

We are excited to announce that Pasco Battery Warehouse has joined the Continental Battery Family!

Pasco was started in 1978. In fact, it was started in a garage by David Brown, whom employees still have the pleasure of working with side by side today. Pasco wasn’t always a battery company. In the early days, it began as a rebuilder but eventually diversified, expanded into a larger storefront and added additional retail locations. This coupled with what the old timers in the region still talk about and can be referred to as ‘Eastern Shore Hospitality’ helped propel the company to the next level.

Fast forward to present day and it is a unique operation that spans VA, MD, DE and PA. As Eric Royse has stated, it is the most diverse acquisition to date. This is because of the wide range of products and services offered. For example, travel to the Ashland, VA branch (situated right outside of the capital - Richmond) and you’ll walk into a store with batteries, starters, alternators and a rebuild shop. Jump northeast to Millsboro, DE and the same selection exists with an additional product and service offering for building and selling golf carts, parts and accessories. The Fruitland, MD branch is the most unique in that also houses a full-service automotive garage, a separate fire truck sales and service entity, in addition to a multi-channel eCommerce operation.

The joining into Continental brought on an additional 12 locations and 100 + employees. Pasco is extremely excited to have become part of a bigger family, the emPowered Continental Family and looks forward to the personal and professional growth that will continue to result from the recent transition and the inevitable growth of the entire Continental operation.