Our lawn and garden batteries are specially designed for demanding applications such as tillers, lawnmowers, snow blowers and more. They’re built with the power you need to get the job done.

Types of Lawn and Garden Equipment Batteries

Continental Battery Systems carries a wide range of lead-acid and lithium batteries designed to provide reliable power and longevity for lawn and garden equipment — from lawn tractors and mowers to snow removal equipment. Don’t run out of juice before the job is done.

Lead-Acid Batteries

Six- and 12-volt sealed lead-acid batteries deliver consistent starting power in all weather. 

Lithium Batteries 

With plenty of power and less weight than conventional batteries, lithium batteries offer a maintenance-free option for use in lawn and garden equipment. 

How to Store Your Lawn and Garden Equipment Batteries

Proper storage can affect the lifespan and functionality of your lawn and garden equipment batteries. We’ve gathered tips on how to best store batteries when it’s time to pack away the lawn gear at the end of the season. 

  • Connect your battery to a battery tender or trickle charger. This is especially relevant for products that will sit idle for a month at a time. A trickle charger provides a charge only when the voltage in the battery drops so as not to risk over charging. 
  • Remove your battery and store it indoors or in a climate-controlled environment, especially if your mower or lawn tractor will be spending the off season in freezing temperatures.  

Find the battery you need in the list below, then check out our complete catalog of commercial and recreational batteries to keep you on the road.

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