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You rely on your mobility scooter to keep you active and independent. The battery you choose should be dependable, low-maintenance and built to go the distance. Continental Battery Systems offers a selection of AGM and gel batteries specially designed for the medical mobility field. 

Mobility Scooter Batteries

The majority of mobility scooters on the market operate with two 12-volt sealed lead-acid batteries. Be sure to check with the manufacturer specifications for your scooter to learn the capacity and amp hour requirements for replacement batteries. 

Absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries are cost-effective, maintenance-free and rechargeable. AGM batteries can be more expensive than flooded batteries, and can be more sensitive to charging in extreme heat and cold. 

Gel Batteries

Like AGM, gel batteries are maintenance-free and spill proof. But gel batteries contain silica in the electrolytes, which creates a gel-like substance and gives the battery its name. They have a slightly longer life expectancy than AGMs and can hold a charge when stored for up to six months. 

How to Care for Your Mobility Scooter Battery

The average lifespan of the mobility scooter battery is one-and-a-half to two years, but with proper care and charging they can last longer. We’ve gathered a few tips on how to best care for your mobility scooter battery to keep it at peak performance for as long as possible. 

Read the manual. Follow the manufacturer’s usage instructions and charging recommendations in your scooter’s user manual. 

Mind your charge. The more charging time the better, right? Not quite. Overcharging your mobility scooter battery can cause problems. This is particularly true for gel batteries, as overcharging can cause the gel to essentially dry out, shortening your battery life. 

Watch the weather. AGM and gel batteries are susceptible to extreme heat and cold. You may notice a slowdown in cruising speeds when the weather is particularly extreme. 

Choose the right replacement. When it comes time to replace your mobility scooter battery, be sure to choose from our list of high-quality, long-lasting AGM or gel batteries to keep you cruising longer. 

How to Store Your Mobility Scooter Battery

Whether you use your mobility scooter daily or only on occasion, the way you store your battery can impact its life and functionality. We’ve gathered a few storage tips to help keep your battery in pique operating condition. 

  • Fully charge your scooter battery before storing. If it will remain in storage for more than two weeks, fully charge the batteries then disconnect them from your mobility scooter. 
  • When you’re not using your scooter for an extended period of time, check batteries monthly and recharge as needed. 
  • Avoid storing your mobility scooter battery in locations where it is exposed to extreme heat, cold or humidity. 

Find the battery you need in the list below, then check out our complete catalog of commercial and recreational batteries to keep you on the road.

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