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Aerial work platforms (AWP), forklifts, scissor lifts and other industrial equipment require dependable batteries that work as hard as you do. Continental Battery Systems offers a selection of high-quality industrial equipment batteries to keep you working. 

Types of Industrial Equipment Batteries

When it comes to industrial equipment, substandard power supplies can lead to unplanned downtime and costly delays. Continental Battery Systems carries the highest quality deep-cycle batteries designed to withstand daily wear and tear while maintaining peak performance. 

Flooded lead-acid batteries, or conventional batteries, are dependable, rugged and ready to work in lifts, aerial platforms and all types of industrial equipment you rely on to get the job done. 

Absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries are maintenance-free, spill-proof and long-lasting. AGM batteries can be more expensive than flooded batteries, and can be more sensitive to charging in extreme heat and cold. 

Gel batteries are maintenance-free and spill-proof like AGM, but gel batteries contain silica in the electrolytes, which creates a gel-like substance and gives the battery its name. They have a slightly longer life expectancy than AGMs and should not be overcharged. Gel batteries are particularly useful in indoor applications, like warehouse lifts, because they don’t experience off-gassing. 

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