PowerSonic is known for quality, convenience and adaptability. With a wide range of high-quality products and an unmatched commitment to excellence in customer service, PowerSonic is your trusted battery solution. 

The personal relationship they hold with us and our customers is something that can only be forged with time, proven by their 46+ years in business, and our 20-plus years relationship with them.

The key to Powersonic’s success over the last five decades lies on the flexibility of their product line, and being the first to adapt to new technologies and bring them to the marketplace.

No matter the battery necessary for your application, PowerSonic can provide you with not only the strictest assurance of quality, but also the highest level of convenience. They stand alone in their four decades of perfecting each element of design, manufacture, and distribution of rechargeable batteries and support products.

With an internationally distributed product line, PowerSonic supplies efficient DC power solutions to 70 countries the world over, with constant potential for expansion.

As new products are constantly developed in order to stay ahead of the industry curve, their engineers consistently improve both the value and performance of the batteries they offer. Through this, our customers have come to forever appreciate our ability to provide them a reliable and reasonably priced product.

One product that exemplifies their excellence of research and construction is PowerSonic’s line of Sealed Lead Acid batteries. Their engineers have developed their power-to-volume ratio such that it is entirely superior to any comparable battery. With valve-regulated, spill proof design, they utilize Absorbent Glass Mat technology to achieve an outstanding performance for which they are known. Rugged in design and efficient in use, you will be hard pressed to find an equivalent or superior sealed lead acid product.

PowerSonic’s technological advancements is what has made their Powersport line of sealed batteries the top choice for sporting applications. Motorcycle and Jet Ski manufacturers and enthusiasts alike, know what brand to trust. When reliability and performance are paramount for the user’s personal safety, why not use the battery that will exceed expectations.

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