We Believe in Corporate Responsibility

Safe. Secure. Sound.

Our working environment is home to the people who keep the business at Continental Battery Systems running. We believe it is our duty as a responsible organization to ensure that their safety and security is consistently sound.

Within each part of our company, there exists an attitude of accountability. Each individual is just as responsible for looking out for their fellow workers as they are for themselves. As a result, there are rarely any accidents or altercations, and very few issues of owning up. Just as responsibility trickles down from the top, so does the friendly demeanor of people who know how to work well together.

We Are a Diverse Company

With a legacy that has been growing since 1932, Continental Battery Systems didn’t rise to success by simply having top quality products and excellent customer service. It came about because leaders, management, and employees are a united team of exceptional, diverse individuals working together.

At Continental Battery Systems, inclusion comes naturally because we believe that everyone matters. A different perspective often leads to a stronger, more flexible team. We think a point of difference is a welcome departure from ordinary, so we encourage cultural sharing and exchange.

Continental Battery Systems employees work in an atmosphere of acceptance and support that translates into happy people working to create their own success as well as the company’s. For over a century, Continental Battery Systems continues to uphold the values and integrity laid down by our founders.

Continental Battery Systems is definitely a diverse company, but to fully experience what that means, get to know the wonderful people who call it home and you’ll see for yourself.

We’re Part of Our
Larger Community

For nearly 100 years since Continental Battery Systems began, we have consistently maintained close ties to the communities we serve. Today, just as it was in 1932, our goal remains the same: to provide the highest quality products and services to the communities we serve. Committed to be the very best, our dedicated host of highly valued employees and affiliates are the ambassadors of a company dedicated to their success—Continental Battery Systems.

We’re In This for the Long Haul

At Continental Battery Systems, we take sustainability seriously. Batteries continue to be our passion and environmental safety is our ongoing  commitment. Since 1932, we have been not only selling batteries, but also recycling them because we feel it is our responsibility as mindful corporate citizens.

Today, Continental Battery Systems actually recycles more batteries than we sell. Within our nationwide network the thousands of dealers who consistently return used batteries for recycling, continue to demonstrate the pride we take in our environmental initiatives.