RELiON is an industry leader in safe, efficient and cost-effective lithium power solutions. Backed by more than 200 patents, RELiOn lithium batteries offer clean, consistent voltage, rapid recharge and built-to-fit standard sizing. Each battery also uses LiFePO4 chemistry for added safety and efficiency.  


Relion produces the safest, most efficient and cost effective batteries on the planet which will lead the world in lithium-ion, batteries. Relion delivers the most technologically advanced batteries that are backed by over 200 patents. As a result, some of RELiON’s endless applications include marine, solar, golf, RV, security,UPS, military, and more.

Every RELiON lithium battery utilizes LiFePO4 chemistry which cell design includes various safeguards including high temp thermal fuse, flame retardant additive and pressure relief valves. On top of security, RELiON batteries lasts 10x’s longer than a lead acid chemistry thus providing a long life span. Keep in mind, while a typical lead acid battery cycles 500 times at 80% DOD, RELiON batteries cycle 5,000 times at 100% DOD. As a result, RELiON offers a significant advantage over lead when comparing total life-cycle costs which is a great return on investment.

Conveniently, RELiON has also developed a battery which can easily be charged with a typical AGM charger because the LiFePO4 charging profile is very similar to AGM and most battery inverters will accomodate the RELiON battery.

Unmatched Engineering: A robust standard product offering in including BCI and DIN sizes along with extensive resources to provide customized and proprietary designs to meet unique storage applications.

Global Reach: RELiON has developed a strategic distribution network with product available in distribution centers located on each continent.

Highest Quality Manufacturing: Relion’s ISO 9001 certified manufacturing process is continually reviewed and updated to deliver the best product quality in the marketplace.

Certifications: The RELiON family of products meets rigorous global safety standards and certifications including UL, CE, and ROHS among others.

Support: Relion’s team includes engineerduct ds, proesign specialists, dedicated trainers and a customer service team to exceed your expectations.

Lithium Power Solutions

  • Clean and Consistent Voltage keeps your vehicles and gear happy
  • Sealed construction equals Zero Maintenance and more mounting options
  • Built-to-fit standard BCI sizing means easy drop-in replacement for your current batteries
  • Rapid Recharge means you charge whenever you feel like it and make the most of your charge time


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