The Continental Battery Systems Story

Working together
for better renewable solutions
that deliver reliable power
to our communities.

From the desk of Eric Royse
Chief Executive Officer

Photo of Eric Royse

I am so proud of the Continental Battery Systems team and where we are headed. I love to see the stories of community support in so many places, as well as the support we are giving to our customers, to our communities and to each other.

Our team pulls together as ONE TEAM - we are committed to staying engaged and always looking forward. THANK YOU for your continued professionalism and vigilance and passion for our business; customer service; and above all safety.

Our leadership continues to focus on business management and building out our teams, organizing our company, moving our headquarters, getting our products and marketing lined up, and growing with selling more to current customers, adding more customers, and acquisition and greenfield expansion!

Over 87 years of business experience allows us to provide our customers with ample battery knowledge, excellent products, and as always, the unwavering commitment to our customers that our founder envisioned. Continental Battery Systems is dedicated to preserving these core values as we move into the future.

Do I sound excited? I hope so - because I am!

Signature, Eric Royse

A Legacy of
Distributing Power

As a reliable battery distributor since 1932, Continental Battery Systems stands on the same principles and ethics it was founded on. Our customer relationships have allowed us to embrace tremendous growth, expanding to over 200 Nationwide Branches and distribution to over 45,000 dealer locations. Wholesale and retail resources remain our greatest priority!

We look forward to serving you for the next century to come!

Continental Battery Systems — History at a Glance


Continental Battery Co. was founded in 1932 by Ralph McCann and the journey began.


The original factory burned down and was rebuilt in the new location where our current headquarters stands today on Woodall in Dallas.


The business evolved from traditional manufacturing to modern wholesale distribution model.


Sustained growth has created a family of companies with more than 200+ locations and a network of 25,000+ dealers and customers.

The Future Has
Never Been Brighter

Continental Battery Systems moves forward with a rock-solid future ahead built on the integrity that forged its humble beginning. The principles on which the company was founded are as alive and well today as they were on day one, assuring our customers, employees, and distributors of their immeasurable value. Our success today and our success for the future are assured by the trusted partnerships built over the years. The relationships we create today will represent and inhabit the next generation of Continental Battery Systems.

We’re Committed
to Success

Each day, Continental Battery Systems makes a promise to the people we serve. The promise of providing the highest quality products and services is only a part of our commitment.  Our pledge extends to many. We know that without our dedicated employees, our loyal distributors, and our valued customers, Continental Battery Systems would not be where we are today. Knowing this, we make a commitment to all of them that is renewed daily with every sale, every contract, every transaction, and every handshake. Thank you hardly seems enough to cover our gratitude.