The Continental Battery Systems Brand Family

The Continental Power Distribution Network

With more than 200+ company-owned distribution centers and a network of 35,000+ retail sellers and installers, Continental Battery Systems represents a robust national presence that continues to expand. The reason for such growth is largely based on trust and reliability. For close to a century, we have built relationships with our distributors and customers. Year after year, the highest quality products and services continue to engender the highest level of trust.

We know that reliability must be earned and Continental Battery Systems is proud that customers and distributors throughout the U.S. honor us with their reliance.

Our network of 200+ distribution centers and 35,000+ retail sellers has got you covered.
Continental Batteries

The Continental Batteries story started in 1932 when Ralph McCann recognized the tremendous potential of the battery industry. Three generations of the McCann family helped to create a company known throughout the U.S. for its customer commitment.

Carolina Energy Distributors

Carolina Energy Distributors is the Master Distributor for many premium battery lines, also providing stored energy for the entire East Coast and beyond.

Standard Battery, Inc.

Standard Battery has been a leader in wholesale battery sales nationwide for over 30 years. Standard Battery has several stores in Kansas City and Omaha, as well as a busy online presence.

Metroplex Battery

Metroplex Battery Inc was founded in 1984 and maintains a line of business which includes the wholesale distribution of motor vehicle supplies, accessories, tools, and equipment.

Wholesale Batteries

Since 1952, Wholesale Batteries has earned the trust of professionals through quality and service. Known for its commitment to customers, team members and partners.

COAST Battery

COAST Battery strives to for innovations that make people’s lives easier and jobs safer.  Trusted for world-class LED optical technology and pocket tools, COAST products are built to last.

Springfield Battery

Springfield Battery provides high quality automotive, sports, and marine batteries to customers throughout the Springfield, Illinois area. Professional battery testing is provided at no charge--just one of the friendly, customer-centric services.

Ellis Battery

Ellis Battery was founded in 1998 by the Ellis family and has expanded throughout the Midwest, still maintaining a respected family business atmosphere. Ellis Battery serves customers throughout Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

BDI Battery Distributors Inc.

For more than 25 years BDI Battery Distributors has served the battery needs of customers in Georgia and the surrounding states, selling and servicing automotive batteries, commercial batteries, marine & RV deep cycle batteries as well as UPS, power sports, and specialty products.

Bright Way Group

Bright Way is a battery company specializing in SLA and powersport batteries that is located in the Northeast Dallas area and supplies products throughout North America. Founded in 2009 by legendary battery man Randy Hardin, Bright Way has been on a consistent growth path since the founding.

Battery Joe

Battery Joe was founded in 2005 serving West Texas as a respected retail battery company.  Their beautiful stores across West Texas and the Panhandle are impressive and their focus is clearly on all things battery.  Extended services also include repair and installation for iPhones and iPads.

Northern Battery

Founded in 1971, Northern Battery is a premier wholesale and retail supplier of batteries and systems for all types of DC and AC power products. The company is an SBA approved vendor available to partner with all government agencies.

Battery Sales and Service
Advance Battery
Battery Distributors South East
Batteries By Fisher

Powered by Reliable Products

Solid growth can only be assured if the products being sold are the most reliable best. Major players in the industry feel confident linking their brand names to Continental Battery Systems. Why? Because we have stood the test of time and continue to deliver reliability.

With products that earn the respect of industry leaders, Continental Battery Systems is a proven name with a golden legacy to match.

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US Battery
NOCO Genius
Pro Charging Systems
Full River
Duracell Procell

From the Supply Chain Team

In Supply Chain, our commitment is to provide continuous product flow and service at the right time and place. The Supply Chain Team has over 160 years of experience in the battery business. The Supply Chain Team covers all aspects involved in the Supply Chain process; selection, development of the product, suppliers, inventory control, and transportation. We oversee the reverse logistics in full to help keep our environment green.

The Supply Chain Team is fully engaged and collaborates with all cross-functional department areas identifying opportunities toward exceeding our customer's expectations. The Supply Chain Team is very proud to be a part of the Continental Battery Systems family.