Fletcher Lord III / Replacement Parts Inc.

Fletcher Lord III / Replacement Parts Inc.

Fletcher Lord III is the President of Replacement Parts Inc. Established in 1919, they currently service 210 company stores over a 12-state area. Crow Burlingame and Replacement Parts has been working withContinental Battery Systems since the 1980's and have enjoyed a long-lasting relationship with them. 

What’s it like working with Continental?

“We have found immense value in working with Continental in this constantly growing industry—they provide us with a lot of support, including in-depth battery inventory. Continental brings new ideas in areas of technology to us, which helps grows our business.”

“We basically have grown withContinental Battery Systems since we first put them in the distribution center. It’s been an absolutely great relationship as they understand what we’re trying to do and provide while they help grow our business.”

“If we ask for support or help, they don’t bat an eye—they’re there to help us. We’re extremely appreciative of all the hard work and help Continental has provided us over the many years we’ve worked with them.”

Are there any incidents or situations in mind where Continental went above and beyond to help?

“We merged with a business in Paducah last year during the height of the COVID pandemic—we had to deal with travel bans put in place by manufacturers and a whole host of other issues.”

“Continental stepped up to the plate immediately and went over and beyond to take care of us. They visited stores and told their story about why Continental batteries are best. They have the innate ability to be able to show the store employees how to sell the product.”

It’s been a very unique and positive experience working with Continental. They’ve always done what they’ve said they’d do. Continental support our company in every way—from marketing campaigns to providing us with sound advice.