Discover MIXTECH batteries combine the latest electrochemical advancements in battery technology with patented MIXTECH technology to produce the most significant improvement in performance, reliability, and battery life in 50 years.

MIXTECH is a patented technology built into every flooded Discover MIXTECH battery, that uses a vehicle's natural movement to continuously mix the electrolyte inside the battery to eliminate acid stratification. By eliminating or slowing acid stratification the battery maintains uniform charge and discharge activity across the whole of the battery's plates. Eliminating acid stratification improves active material utilization, sustains Dynamic Charge Acceptance and cycle life and prevents premature loss of performance and life.


In 2008, Discover was the first to introduce Enhanced Flooded Batteries with MIXTECH technology. Discover is the only battery manufacturer in the world offering a complete range of transportation batteries with mixing technology.


MIXTECH prevents acid build up from killing your battery and greatly extends overall service life and performance.

MIXTECH Patented Technology

  • The motion of your vehicle causes electrolyte to circulate and continuously mix, preventing acid stratification..

360° Acid Mixing Technology

  • Produces superior SLI batteries without the dry-out and thermal runaway risks associated with AGM batteries.
  • Eliminates acid build up that prematurely destroys battery capacity and life.
  • Increases material utilization providing sustained performance and longer life.
  • Decreases thermal gradients dramatically improving life in extreme temperatures.
  • Maintains high dynamic charge acceptance reducing alternator wear and fuel costs.

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