People Make Us Powerful

Community Focused.
Nationally Present.
Globally Aware.

Spanning more than 80 years of actively contributing to communities throughout the U.S., Continental Battery Systems is a name people know and trust. Over the years we have maintained close ties to the communities we serve, providing top quality products and services delivered by our dedicated, highly valued employees.

In 2018, Continental Battery Systems began a focused expansion of leadership within our executive team. The ongoing influence of our bright, new team has brought about significant growth within the Continental Battery Systems family of companies. Today, we represent more than 90 company-owned distribution centers and a network of 25,000+ retail sellers and installers. This strong national presence continues to impact our growth and guide our future.

As we move into the future, Continental Battery Systems is committed to the global awareness needed in today’s ever-changing economies. Our powerful brands and services will continue to move us forward as we continue to work together for renewable solutions that deliver reliable power to our communities. We serve as one team united by values and respect for our customers throughout the world.

Generous Employee Benefits

Employee Appreciation

We take pride in our family and what it means to be part of Continental Battery Systems We offer events, internal competitions, and retention programs.

Robust Benefits Programs

We offer a variety of perks to ensure that our employees are rewarded throughout their career. We appreciate their investment in Continental Battery Systems and want to share that in return.

Growth and Advancement Opportunities

We provide training and challenge for our team, knowing that the opportunity to growth is closely tied to happiness on the job. We offer training programs, promotions based on merit and on-the-job training / shadowing.

Health Plan Transparency in Coverage

Continental Battery complies with Federal Transparency in Coverage regulations by providing this link to machine readable files related to the health plans offered to our employees. The machine-readable files are formatted to allow researchers, regulators, and application developers to more easily access and analyze data including negotiated service rates, and out-of-network allowed amounts between health plans and healthcare providers.

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Join the Continental Battery Systems family and enjoy the friendly people who call it home. Not only will you have a great job that challenges and inspires, you will also meet many new friends. Continental Battery Systems has been around since 1932, so we must be doing something right. Find more about our open positions and come work for us! You’ll be glad you did.


From the desk of
Human Resources & Risk

Continental Battery Systems has the kind of reputation that every company hopes to achieve, although many do not. The differentiator is found in the promise of principals and ethics made by our founder and lives on to be a modern day hallmark of trust.

Continental Battery Systems employees are valued, respected, and appreciated, and, as a result, they make up a workforce that is dedicated, reliable, happy, and committed to being the best. Ask an employee what they like most about working for Continental Battery Systems and don’t be surprised to hear: “Why? Because Continental Battery Systems appreciates me and treats me very well, and that makes me want to do more and be my best.”

Providing excellent service, building long-term customer relationships, and delivering high quality products to customers is something Continental Battery Systems employees do spontaneously each and every day. They work confidently because they know they represent a company that puts trust, respect, and excellence first and foremost.