Eric Royce Shares Insights of a Third Generation Battery Business

When Eric Royce, CEO and President of Continental Battery Co recently sat down with Bryan Weatherford, host of All In, he tells about a modern, thriving culture with roots that go back to 1932.

From a single product line to more than 20 different brands, Continental Battery Co represents a modern day, full-service, value-added company with diversified product lines from automotive to marine; big rigs to golf carts; healthcare mobility to power sports; and much more.

“When Continental Battery got its start back in 1932, batteries sold for about $9.99. Today batteries have a wide variety of price points that power just about everything. We’re so inspired to be part of such a great industry and to see our company grow from 22 distributors to 103 in two short years is extremely gratifying,” Eric said.

Without exaggeration, I can honestly say that Continental Battery Co has a battery for just about everything. As the electric vehicle market continues to grow and clean energy is a top priority, technology like Stop-Start gets more and more focus. Our AGM batteries support that and more,” he added.

Listen to All In and hear Eric’s complete interview with Bryan Weatherford on Biz TV.

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